Summer Sessions

Come join us for the last two weeks of the school holidays and enjoy  a range of fun and stimulating activities for your child. We have a range of programs to peak the interest of every child – please follow the link below to view the our timetable!


To enroll in Summer sessions follow the steps Below.

  1. Visit the ABK Customer Portal.
  2. Click “Are you new? Sign up here” at the bottom of the logon screen.
  3. Fill out your details , and this will bring you to the online portal.
  4. To book a class, got to “Registrations” in the heading bar and click “register now”.
  5. From our list of locations, click the green Select button for the Summer Series
  6. Choose your program and click the green Book Now on the right hand side of screen.
  7. Initially, you will need to select “Someone else” to enroll your child (otherwise it will register your details), and enter your child’s details. Your child’s details will be retained for future entries.
  8. A second prompt will appear to ask about medical conditions – please ensure you fill this out if it applies to your child.
  9. Then complete enrollment now, or you can add other classes for the same of different child.