Incursions for Vacation Care

Want to try Actively Balanced Kids at your school or vacation care?

We recently had ABK come in to do an incursion for us during our Vacation Care program. Amanda and her team planned and facilitated a range of activities that kept our kids happy and engaged. We had originally planned alternate activities to facilitate while some of the group participated in ABK but there was no need as Amanda and her team of fantastic staff facilitated rotations of craft, mindfulness exercises, yoga as well as outdoor games and activities.
We would definitely recommend ABK to other OSHC’s and activity groups, you will be blown away by Amanda’s dedication to the program, as will the kids at your service who we find are still talking about all their favourite components of ABK’s incursion program.

~ Dan Waterford, Educational Leader, Sherwood State School Before and After Hours School care

We have developed a fun, one and a half hour incursion experience specifically for OSHC’s divided into 3 amazing activity areas:

Mental wellness and yoga

Learn basic yoga skills, and poses, and incorporate these into a story and have fun playing yoga games. We will also explore breathing and self regulation techniques, including progressive muscle relaxation and Mindfulness. Children will receive breathing and mindfulness objects to take home to reuse again.

Amanda really nice meeting yourself and your team! I have heard nothing but great things from the children and Educators. Everything from fun, well run, great communication, friendly and approachable to even a child who does not speak often having a great time laughing. I commend you on your business endeavours and think this is a great concept to continue to grow, expand and implement in the OSHC space. We would be happy recommending your service where the opportunity presents and would certainly keep you and your team in mind for future incursions. Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch and keep us updated.

~ Micah, Assistant Coordinator/ Educational Leader, Junction Park OSHC

Athletics and games

 Try out a fun obstacle course, play parachute games and other fun group games to keep you active and moving, in a non competitive and supportive environment. These activities encourage communication and teamwork skills, as well as building problem solving skills and inspiring  children to have fun whilst being active.



 Children will channel their creativity choosing an activity that embraces their and individuality, and fits with our ethos of active and balanced. Activities include options such as making a puzzle, squishy, sweat bands, Rubik’s cube, pencil case or kite.

Incursion Terms and Conditions.

When booking an incursion you must agree to the ABK terms and conditions.

Please note that ABK is based in Brisbane and services areas within Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast.

Once an incursion is booked ABK will send a confirmation email.

Approximately one month before an incursion ABK will ask for approximate numbers and will send a 10% deposit based on this estimate. This can be adjusted at the final invoice and either go up or down depending on your final numbers but the deposit invoice must be paid, prior to ABK completing the incursion.

48 hours before the incursion ABK will contact the Vacation Care to get final booked in numbers for the incursion. All invoicing is completed on the final numbers and you may not ask for a discount if children do not turn up or cancel after this time.

If numbers significantly increase on the day of the incursion ABK will send a third invoice to make up the difference.  If there is a small increase in numbers due to casual bookings such as 1-2 additional children no additional invoice will be charged and ABK will cover these costs.

All invoices must be paid in a timely manner.