Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

Yoga classes for primary school children teaching the skills of yoga, breathing and mindfulness through creative play.

Does your child need a way to focus and de-stress? Perhaps they would like to increase their strength and flexibility? Our new yoga classes will provide children with a range of physical skills, while also increasing their  emotional intelligence and confidence, in a fun and relaxed environment.


Our classes include a featured yoga pose, each week as well as formal themed yoga session and partner yoga. Whilst our Children’s Yoga program still keeps the elements of creativity and fun through incorporating yoga games and fun breathing and mindfulness activities to finish.


What are the benefits of our yoga program for children?

    • Increased Focus
    • Increases Strength
    • Increases flexibility
    • Increases self-awareness and confidence
    • Increases emotion and coping skills

This program has been designed for children who would primarily like to focus on yoga and mindfulness. A desire to want to explore and learn yoga and the ability to follow directions is a must in this program.

Cost is $18.50 for 45 minutes and to enroll in the program please see our Join ABK page.