ABK Primary

Actively Balanced Kids (ABK) Primary is an innovative, evidence-driven program, written by a child psychologist and medical researcher specifically for primary school-aged children. ABK Primary uses elements of athletics, group games, yoga, mindfulness and relaxation strategies to focus to help children build resilience and self-regulation skills.

Through participating in this program, children can build their core-strength and physical flexibility, as well as improving their communication and teamwork skills, cognitive flexibility and their ability to manage stresses and challenges.

Each week children participate in a tactile mindfulness and are able to take this mindfulness tool home to reuse throughout the week or as a resource for the future.

Parents are also provided with a weekly email in regards to the benefits of the mindfulness and as a way to open up and facilitate conversation with their child.

An online portal is also provided so that children and parents can practice the elements of ABK at home.

Price is $22.50 per week.

To join please visit our join now page.