Incursions for Vacation Care

Want to try Actively Balanced Kids at your school or vacation care?

We have developed a fun, one and a half hour incursion experience specifically for OSHC’s divided into 3 amazing activity areas:

Mental wellness and yoga

Learn basic yoga skills, and poses, and incorporate these into a story and have fun playing yoga games. We will also explore breathing and self regulation techniques, including progressive muscle relaxation and Mindfulness. Children will receive breathing and mindfulness objects to take home to reuse again.


Athletics and games

 Try out a fun obstacle course, play parachute games and other fun group games to keep you active and moving, in a non competitive and supportive environment. These activities encourage communication and teamwork skills, as well as building problem solving skills and inspiring  children to have fun whilst being active.



 Children will channel their creativity choosing an activity that embraces their and individuality, and fits with our ethos of active and balanced. Activities include options such as making a puzzle, squishy, sweat bands, Rubik’s cube, pencil case or kite.