Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most commonly asked questions about Actively Balanced Kids.

  • Who is it for?

    The program has been developed for children. All children can benefit from this program, as it teaches important skills in a fun and engaging environment.

    These skills and benefits include:

    • better attention and focus,
    • emotional self-regulation skills,
    • coping and calming skills,
    • improving resilience and confidence.

    The program can also be beneficial for children who exhibit

    • anxiety,
    • emotional dysregulation,
    • difficulties in focus or attentional difficulties,
    • low self-confidence.

    Additionally, it is a great complement for children who are already active through sport, as it allows them additional exercise and flexibility, while also focusing on their attention and emotional regulation.

  • What is the cost?

    The price is $22.50 per week for a 45 minutes session.  As part of this cost however you also receive access to our online portal for term signups.

    The online portal with a range of resources and over 100 videos featuring our ABK instructors.  We have over 60 yoga poses to learn, parenting toolkit from our psychologist, breathing, mindfulness, fitness and progressive muscle relaxation videos and more which are now included free as part of your term membership to Actively Balanced Kids. We wanted to add value to the program and give children and their families a way to engage with the elements of the program at any time throughout the term and continually practice the skills learned and also be able to share these skills with their family.

  • Where are classes held?

    Actively Balanced Kids classes are held at our main location in St Matthew’s Hall on the corner of Sherwood and Oxley Road Sherwood. We also hold classes on the oval at Sherwood, Corinda, and Holland Park state schools.


  • How long does it run for?

    Each session is 45 minutes in length, and is specifically tailored to cater for children. The classes are for 5-10 year olds, so siblings in this age group can come along together, however the children are split into appropriate age groups when required to ensure that the class is challenging enough for every child.

  • What does my child need to wear/bring to class?

    Please ensure all of your children taking part in an Actively Balanced Kids class:

    • bring their own yoga mat
    • wear comfortable clothing they can stretch and move in;
    • we do classes in running/sports shoes please
    • bring and consume water sufficient for re-hydration


  • How are you ensuring my child is safe while COVID-19 is still a concern?

    We have developed a COVID safe plan to deal with the current situation. You can find the details of the plan under the About tab.

    We do ask that children sanitize their hands at the start of class and  ask that parents do not attend classes and if they must that they do appropriately social distance.

    We are outside which allows for increased distance and entry and exit points and we do provide make up classes so that children who are unwell do not come to class.

    We sanitize all of equipment throughout the class and all equipment will be sanitized after class with gym grade cleaning procedures. Hand sanitizer is available at all times throughout the class.





  • What is the structure?

    Each session starts actively with kids fitness, and yoga obstacle courses,  it them moves onto yoga to a fun theme, then fun and active breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and finishes with mindfulness.

    The format of the sessions stays the same, however the content varies each lesson, ensuring that the program remains fun, challenging and engaging for children, while also reinforcing and building upon vital skills to improve children’s physical and wellness.

  • What is the online portal?

    The online portal has been designed to provide parents and children alike with a large database of additional videos and resources, to aide in looking after their mental and physical health. The online portal will allow children to feel entertained and allow parents to know that their children are learning vital skills for success in life.

    The online portal includes:

    • Parent toolkit developed by our child psychologist.
    • Short Personal training sessions for children written by a personal trainer.
    • Sport and skills training videos from a professional athlete.
    • Mindfulness for children.
    • Fun breathing exercises for children.
    • Step by step yoga poses for children.
    • Active games for children that they can play by either by themselves or with siblings.
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation for children.
    • Psychology videos for parents from a Child Psychologist.


  • My child has trouble concentrating, should they join?


    The evidence behind the techniques incorporated throughout the program suggests that it will help children with attentional difficulties, but it is also a novel and engaging program that allows children to move and use their imagination throughout the class.

  • What happens if my child is sick and cannot attend a class?

    We are happy to issue you with a make-up class at another time as we try and be as flexible as possible to fit into your schedule. Please note however you must tell us before a class proceeds that you will not be attending class, otherwise no make up is given.

  • Who runs the class?

    The class is taken by a trained instructor. Each instructor must have relevant experience, a blue card and is fully trained in teaching the program.

    The program is overseen by the Child Psychologist and Medical Researcher who jointly developed the program.

  • Your programs are held outside what happens if it rains?

    If the program is unable to proceed on the oval due to bad weather we are able to use undercover areas, so we do not need to change venues.




Do you have a question about Actively Balanced Kids that isn’t covered on this page? Don’t hesitate to contact us.