COVID Safe Plan

As a means of decreasing the risk of the spread of COVID-19, the following changes have been put into place in relation to the delivery of our Actively Balanced Kids classes.

Our classes have moved outside to allow better spacing, and minimize entry and exiting issues.

All children will be spaced at least 1.5 meters from each other during classes as much as practicable.

All equipment will be sanitized with gym grade cleaning products before and after class.

All children will be directed to sanitize their hands as they enter the class and sanitizer will be available at all times throughout the class.

Parents and any other children who are not paid participants must drop of their child and not return until the end of the class. Parents may go to the park, coffee shop or another area away from the space being used by ABK. This is a government regulation that must be followed.

Make up lessons are available to encourage parents and or children who are sick to not attend class.

For the health and safety of all please follow the guidelines below:

  • If your child has come into direct contact with a person who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, please do not allow them to attend an ABK class unless tested and cleared by their doctor.
  • If your child has a sore throat, cough or other flu-like symptoms please do not allow them to attend an ABK class unless tested and cleared by their doctor.
  • Make ups are available in instances when a child is sick and cannot attend class.

For additional information regarding COVID-19 you can visit the link below:

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, we will continue to follow the best business practices and guidelines as set down by the Queensland Health Authority, the Government and appropriate advisory bodies.