About Actively Balanced Kids

Actively Balanced Kids is an evidence driven program, designed for children.

Actively Balanced Kids is a fun program designed to help children learn fundamental skills in wellness and help children manage stress, anxiety and regulation issues while improving self-confidence and building resilience.

Actively Balanced Kids is a program that has been designed for 4 – 12 year olds and is 45 minutes in length. The classes are designed to be fun and generally include elements such as kids fitness, yoga obstacle courses,  yoga to a fun theme, mindfulness, breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

All children who join for the term also have able access to our online portal which includes:

  • Parenting toolkit developed  by our child psychologist
  • Short Personal training sessions for children written by a personal trainer.
  • Sport and skills training videos from a professional athlete
  • Mindfulness for children
  • Fun breathing exercises for children
  • Step by step yoga poses for children
  • Active games for children that they can play by either by themselves or with siblings.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation for children
  • Psychology videos for parents from a Child Psychologist

Actively Balanced Kids are held in Graceville and are $22.50 per session.