Strategies for home schooling

Here you will find information and practical resources and downloads to help you deal with home schooling developed by Ben to ensure you and your child can achieve your best without compromising your mental health.

  • Self calming chart
    Self calming chart

    Visual charts are a fantastic way to help children to communicate about their feelings. Overleaf is a schedule and selection of items that children can choose in order to help them calm down.

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  • Social story – School has changed
    Social story – School has changed

    Here you will find a social story about a child who is learning that school has changed due to COVID-19. It has written by our child psychologist Ben. A social story is a way of delivering basic information succinctly about a social situation and gives suggestions about how to cope with these situations.  The social stories written here are great to help younger children understand how their world has changed.

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  • STOP routines for children
    STOP routines for children

    Here Ben takes you through a really simple way for both parents and children to help to stop stressful feelings from getting in the way, and gaining mastery over them quickly, all summed up in the simple acronym STOP.

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  • Strategies for home schooling
    Strategies for home schooling

    Here Ben takes you through a range of strategies to help with schooling. As trying to accommodate for learning at home is difficult, so the best way to figure out what works is to experiment,  here are a number of things that you and your family can trial to try and make schooling from home a little easier.

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