Actively Balanced Kids

Movement and Mindfulness

What is ABK?

Actively Balanced Kids (ABK) is a evidence driven children’s program. It is designed to be fun and help children learn fundamental skills to improve their wellness, manage stress and anxiety and improve their self-regulation, self-confidence and build resilience. Classes include elements such as kids fitness, yoga, mindfulness, breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

About Our Program

Who is ABK for?

Actively Balanced Kids is a program for any child between 4 and 12 years old. We incorporate non-competitive active movement for children in a safe and supportive environment, with a focus on building individual skills in resilience and coping.

Class Timetable

How do I join?

Actively Balanced Kids classes are currently held at Simpsons Park in Graceville. You can trial Actively Balanced Kids by scrolling filling out the trial form below. Children who participate for the term are also provided with a parenting toolkit developed  by our child psychologist as well as a online portal with over 100 additional extra videos designed to entertain and educate you and your child.

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Fun Mind-Body Classes, Teaching Kids to Cope

A new evidence-driven program for children.

Being parents and having an active child ourselves, Actively Balanced Kids has been developed after discussions with many parents and identifying the need for a program that teaches calming techniques, self confidence and resilience.


Featured pose:

Crescent Moon pose

Crescent Moon pose by Actively Balanced Kids

Great! We have one more warm up to complete, and then we will be ready to run!
“Oh, I feel nice and warmed up now,” thought Rosie, “and my legs feel ready to run!”

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A word from our


ABK is a wonderful and extremely beneficial program! I am a local mum who has been working behind the scenes and am so impressed with what this program offers. It is fun and engaging for all children and I highly recommend!

Camilla, Sherwood



It’s such a lovely and engaging way to help our kids cope with the stress and pace of the modern world.
My 5-year-old boy will benefit so much from self-regulation techniques and the ability to quiet his mind when he needs to ♥

Melinda, Anstead
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